Health Awareness Australia

Growing Health Awareness to Produce Significant Changes in Consumer Market.





Global Health Issues


Growing concern amid current global health issues serves as guidance for Australians in their food purchasing decision. The shift towards to more natural ingredients became the trend within the country. Health concerns are most likely concentrated in consumption of fatty foods and sugar which are considered two of the major contributory factors which results into serious ailments such as diabetes and heart attack. Australian consumers have turned away to sugar-loaded beverages and have shifted towards flavoured-waters and natural juices. Meanwhile, fruits have become a better alternative for fatty loaded meals.


The Local Manufacturers


As to local manufacturers’ reaction towards this growing concern, a significant number of them resorted on the use of organic ingredients. The cause for a healthier production is the answer to the public’s desire for health and wellness which aims to free most products from pesticides and the use of hazardous chemicals that can cause damage to the human body. Organic foods were then promoted to be more nutritious and better in taste than foods with chemicals. The large production initiated in the year 2016 particularly in the field of coffee business.


Health and Wellness


Overall, quality food that is developed under the theme of “Health and Wellness” are both set to grow as forecasted in the current period. This is due to this demand and consciousness among natives, as well as the current market trends for manufacturers which have caused them to innovate and improvise their product. Furthermore, with the support of the Australian government, it will most likely produce more campaigns as promoted by public health officials.