Top 5 Health Issues Facing Australian Children According to Health Centres

According health centres research in Australia, children today are healthier compared to past generations due to some major breakthroughs in medical healthcare research such as the discovery of penicillin, immunisation programs, better management of diseases like asthma and SIDS prevention.

However, here are some of the health issues that are still plaguing the younger generation in the country:

1. Indigenous Health

There is an alarming gap of 20 years in life expectancy for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders compared to all other Australians. Approximately, indigenous children have a mortality rate at three times the rate of other Australian children.

2. Mental Health

According to research, the results give convincing factors that more and more Australian children are suffering poor mental health particularly pertaining to depression and suicide. Behavioural disorders are drastically on the rise. Children from step, blended or sole parent families are more than twice as likely to have a mental health problem.

3. Obesity

Because of the rising levels of overweight and obesity, type 2 has increasingly affected Australian children which mainly resulted to overweight. Furthermore, other effects include rising rates of heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and depression as children enter adolescence and beyond.

4. Asthma

Asthma is the most infamous and the most common health problem among Australian children. Moreover, this is also the most widely known and frequent cause of emergency hospitalisation which needs immediate medical attention. The prevalence of this problem is now in a stabilised status which is currently at about 13% after its tremendous rise during the early 1980s. This is neutralized because of the health benefits provided by various researches.

5. Disability

There is an estimate of 320,000 Australian children are currently diagnosed with intellectual, behavioural, mental or physical disability. Furthermore, what’s alarming is that this is most prevalent among low income households.

In conclusion, it is always best to be vigilant in the health issues concerning the younger generation. These children are the future of the country and it is only right to give them the maximum health care services that they need.