Tai Chi: A gentle way to fight stress

Originally developed as a self-defence, Tai Chi is an activity that will significantly reduce both anxiety and stress. In addition, it also supports an individual in developing or enhancing flexibility and balance. Throughout centuries, Tai Chi has evolved from a form of self-defence into a graceful form of exercise in which it has become a popular activity in the modern age for stress reduction and as a remedy for other ailments. Popularly known to many as meditation which is in motion, the exercise will give you relaxation through gentle and flowing movements.

What is the History of Tai Chi?

Tai chi is originally an ancient Chinese tradition that at present is practised as a graceful form of exercise. From a modern historical perspective, Tai Chi was originally created as a self-defence art. Martial art’s origins and its founding principles are widely accredited to Zhang San Feng who is a Taoist Monk. According to historians, it has existed for over a range of 700 years up to 1500 years. As an exercise practised by millions of people in various continents, Tai Chi is a type of Qigong which in Chinese means energy or breath skill.

What is Tachi? How is Tai Chi Performed?

The exercise involves a series of variations of movements that are performed in a slow-paced and concentrated manner. The movement is also accompanied by deep breathing. As famously known as a non-competitive form of exercise, Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan is a relaxed form of physical exercise that also includes stretching of body parts. The must be performed in a way that the body is ensured to be in constant movement.

Overall, Tai chi is very relaxing and it extensively reduces stress to make it minimal in level particularly in the areas such as within the muscles and joints. This makes the exercise viable for everybody regardless of ages and fitness levels. Thus, due to its calm and relaxed movements, this makes tai chi a  very low impact exercise which makes it a more suitable activity for an adult or an older person who can no longer perform heavy exercises.