Health Clubs – How to lower cholesterol

Health Clubs well-planned a healthy eating routine paired with consistent exercise can significantly lower the cholesterol levels in your blood content. By following a healthy lifestyle, like eating the right foods can also help prevent other chronic ailments from developing in your body.

Maintaining a normal cholesterol level is very critical as the human body age because when it surpasses what is normal, the risk of heart disease and stroke increases.

Doctors recommend that as we slowly age a consistent monitoring of your blood condition and the medication intake to combat high blood pressure is necessary.

Fats and cholesterol

Fats can be classified into two types: unsaturated and saturated fat. Consuming food types that are highly saturated in fat can significantly increase the blood cholesterol levels.

Example of Foods that are high in saturated fat are:

  • butter
  • meat pies
  • sausages
  • fatty meat
  • cream
  • cheese
  • cakes
  • biscuits

However, consuming foods with unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat can instead lower your cholesterol levels than to increase it.

Foods with unsaturated fats include:

  • seeds
  • oily fish
  • nuts
  • vegetable oils and spreads

Overall, the reduction of unsaturated fat depends on your ways on how to deal with it. There are several methods in cooking to reduce the total amount of fat in your food.  Few effective examples include steaming, microwaving, boiling or grilling instead of frying or roasting. Moreover, it is better to add lean pieces meat and choose among your grocery the dairy products that are low in fat and explore the health clubs to learn more about how to lower cholesterol.