Some Remedies You Can Do When You are Sleepy and Tired

If ever you’re caught in an avoidable situation in which you’ve been into overnight partying or have stayed all night for an important matter, it might be very beneficial for you to have sometimes to stay awake when you are sleepy and tired especially if you are at work. Despite the body’s desire to go to sleep, there are just some situations in which you have to deal with many important matters.

Below is a list 10 most effective tips for you to stay awake in needed circumstances:

1. Natural sunlight

Natural sunlight |

One of the most effective mood enhancers is through basking the sunlight. Not only does it help in producing Vitamin D in the skin but it also helps you regulate seasonal mood swings. Natural sunlight also helps to keep you awake when you are feeling sleepy. You don’t have to necessarily go outside. Opening your curtains will do.

2. Drink more water

Drinking water |

Dehydration will surely result in drowsiness and be less energetic. It may be very beneficial for you to drink water more than your daily consumption if you are feeling weary and tired. This will provide a whole new rejuvenating supplement to refresh yourself especially during a very hot day or when you are just tired.

3. Eat the right foods

Eat the right foods |

Always pay attention to your diet especially when your body is regularly suffering from energy insufficiency. Never skip meals and always include vegetables and not only fatty foods in your diet.  Always include in your snacks foods that are rich in protein and try to eliminate energy drinks and coffee as much as possible.

4. Take a walk

Take a walk |

Sitting down will most likely make you feel drowsy. When you feel like you are very sleepy, you must resort to taking a walk especially if you have lots of tasks that you need to accomplish. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with drowsiness because it will make your mind and body active. If somehow in your workplace you are not allowed to take walks (which is not really recommended) you can either move around your particular spot or drink lots of water.

5. Take deep breaths

Take deep breaths |

You can do this by breathing in and out through your nose together with pulling your belly towards your diaphragm. This breathing technique can be done though being quick process to heighten your alertness level.

6. Listen to upbeat music

Listen to upbeat music |

It is also recommended that you should listen to lively music to eliminate drowsiness. Never listen to slow-paced and relaxing music such as classical music. This is because classic music will augment your sleepiness.

 7. Get active each 30 minutes

Get active each 30 minutes |

Spending the whole day in your desk in front of the computer to work can really make you feel drowsy and tired. Doctors recommend that in order to prevent heart conditions, you need to get active every 30 minutes. This method will also help to keep you feeling awake. Stand up and walk around or grab a glass of water every 30 minutes in order to enhance your alertness level.

8. Fresh air

Fres hair |

Basking in fresh air during your break will provide your body with renewal. Or if you are still at work and break is still a long way to go, you can just open the windows or go outside for a while if this is allowed.

9. Take a shower

Take a shower |

If you’re at home and you need to finish some responsibilities whether work or home related, you can take a break or a while and take a shower. This will certainly help you feel less sleepy.

10. Take a nap

Take a nap |

Even just for 10-15 minutes, taking a nap can surely make a difference. However, after waking up, it can take up to 30 to 40 minutes to get rid of that sleepy feeling after a nap. You must, therefore, think twice before engaging in a nap and examine if you can overcome this drowsiness. To learn more tips and remedies go to the Health Clubs.