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Healthclubs.com.au is a business directory network containing a vast array of information concerning sporting events, fitness centres, dietitians and many more health related retail establishments within Australia. Any business or organization developed by a local can become one of our health network circle and contribute their ideas to create a “Socially Rewarding” benefit for both customers and organizations.

We firmly believe that nothing beats a trusted word-of-mouth referral! And for the purpose of upholding this virtue, our platform presents a list of our recommended businesses that are ranked through social media likes. By this means, we believe that emerging sports organizations or businesses, with potential, can rise up through the ranks in our recommendation platform. This makes us unique from the current trend because our recommendations do not depend solely on an establishment’s financial capacity.

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We truly encourage customers to hit us with a like in social media for every recommendation we provide. We categorize these recommendations according to which they believe that have answered their needs or beyond! Through this method, we can rank health clubs better to what they truly deserve. We instill on our customer’s minds the thought-provoking question, “You don’t want a good healthclub to go to waste, don’t you?” and let them voice out their opinions through likes.

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We incorporate a state-of-the-art location tracker by means of using the innovative features of Google map. We are very much capable of giving you the best recommendation in regards to the best service closest to your location.

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The health clubs we feature can provide potential customers the necessary details through the help of promotional videos or any other marketing related materials so that aspiring travelers will have a background check and proper information on the listed businesses that we've ranked.


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Via FB profile you can connect with customers and let them rank your health services.

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